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Rapid commercialization also means: from active ingredient to pharmaceutical end product from a single source...

Along with quality, time and availability are crucial factors for being able to rapidly and safely provide the market with products. This is a good reason to trust Legacy Pharmaceuticals and its proven experience to handle not only your manufacturing processes, but also to optimize your upstream procurement stages through concentration.

Our purchasing specialists accelerate your "speed-to-market" and reduce your process costs with their deep knowledge of global sourcing markets, and they negotiate the best purchase conditions with sustainable quality. We constantly analyze and optimize our ordering processes, thereby ensuring short and reliable delivery times while meeting your individual needs.

A sample overview of our procurement services:

  • Independent procurement analyses and price comparisons
  • Procurement and supply scenarios that are adapted to quality and product requirements set by the customer and that are guaranteed by general as well as specific service and delivery agreements.
  • Secure supply chains with respect to product availability, qualified suppliers, and product quality.
  • Cold chains for logistics and storage
Bastian Kloefer – Head Projects & Business Development Support

Bastian Kloefer

Head Projects & Business Development Support

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