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Specialists in aseptic contract manufacturing of parenteral products and specialized drugs

Our longstanding expertise in manufacturing focuses on aseptic filling of ampoules and vials as well as terminally sterilized parenterals. Our services are augmented by non-sterile drug forms such as tablets, oral liquids, semi-solid forms (gels, pastes and creams), including aseptic production of ophtalmic products.

We subject parenteral products to 100% optical/visual inspection as well as integrity testing. Moreover, we also offer appropriate final packaging and shipping packaging for all of our products, according to customer wishes.

At the request of customers, Legacy Pharmaceuticals also offers surprising hardware solutions: In Birsfelden we have capacities and spaces for flexible solution requests such as construction of a new facility for your specific request... Talk with us, nothing is impossible!

Bastian Kloefer – Head Projects & Business Development Support

Bastian Kloefer

Head Projects & Business Development Support

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