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Fill & Finish of Steriles, Non-Steriles and Specials: big enough to make a dare, but small enough to care

Aseptic manufacturing of pharmaceuticals is one of the most demanding tasks in all of drug manufacturing. We are internationally recognized specialists in the filling of parenteral products, in particular ampoules and vials.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) has a central role in our quality assurance processes, since quality deviations can lead to incalculable risks to the health of patients and consumers. Our GMP-compliant quality management ensures the quality of our products and meets the requirements set by government health agencies, including SwissMedic, US FDA and EMEA.

In addition to sterile pharmaceutical fill and finish, for more than 70 years our plant has produced the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) in SOLCOSERYL, which is an important healing agent used in a variety of dosage forms.

Our greatest strength is our flexibility – we are able to handle almost every order size with absolute customer focus, personal accountability, and Swiss quality and reliability. We can handle your entire order from A to Z.


Our expertise as a manufacturer extends across a wide range of sterile and nonsterile manufacturing processes, from small clinical batches to industrial batch sizes.

  • Liquid parenterals (aseptic and terminally sterilized)
  • Sterile powders (aseptically lyophilized and filled)
  • Topical formulations: Creams, salves and gels (aseptic and nonsterile)
  • Oral liquids: Drops and syrups (nonsterile)
  • Tablets (non-coated)

In addition to manufacturing, we offer a wide range of services according to customer needs:

  • Process development
  • Raw materials procurement / starting materials, also excipients and packaging materials
  • Quality testing and final inspection
  • Stability testing
  • Regulatory support
  • Qualification and validation packages
  • Design of packaging
  • Analytical services
  • Project management
  • Warehouse and logistics services

Quality & Reliability