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Custom services make the difference in Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing

Legacy Pharmaceuticals Switzerland is a Swiss contract manufacturer and service provider (Contract Manufacturing Organization) for the global pharmaceutical industry. Created in 2007 with the acquisition of certain products and our Basel manufacturing site, our roots go back to 1947, back to the years when the modern Swiss pharmaceutical industry was just getting started.

We primarily serve the European, US, Middle East, CIS, and Asia-Pacific markets. With our SWISSMEDIC, EMEA, US FDA, and PMDA approvals, we meet the stringent regulatory requirements in the various markets around the world. Our many years of experience in the market offers the pharmaceutical industry the advantages of an integrated partnership with specialized knowledge, reliability, and experience.

Our strength is GMP compliant pharmaceutical manufacture, meeting industry standards and tailored to meet our our customers’-specific product demands. We focus on a high degree of constructive collaboration customers, developers and regulators in order to bring the best possible solution to market in the fastest time possible.

Our customers value this flexibility and experience. They know that LEGACY PHARMACEUTICALS makes it possible...


Would you like to introduce a new product? Are you planning to transfer a medication that is already on the market to another manufacturer? Is outsourcing of all manufacturing or of individual production steps a part of your company strategy?

Timing and quality are the most important factors in the success or failure of a transfer. Legacy Pharmaceuticals is the partner that is able to give you the secure feeling of timeliness and reliability:

  • One responsible contact person
  • All required competencies are available
  • Experienced project management team for product transfers
  • Deep knowledge management and operational excellence
  • Clearly specified manufacturing and testing procedures (Current Good Manufacturing Practice, cGMP) that are part of our quality assurance system

You expect the highest quality at competitive prices. Our lean manufacturing, our permanent process optimization, and our highly qualified employees provide Swiss quality, reliability and cost effectiveness for the pharmaceutical products you outsource to Legacy in Birsfelden, Switzerland.

The objective sum of all purchasing costs (total cost of ownership) is only one reason to decide on Legacy Pharmaceuticals as a contract manufacturer.

Our cost effectiveness and economic efficiency are significantly influenced by the following factors:

  • Forward-looking work through knowledge, experience, and well-educated teams in order to avoid surprises
  • Permanent transfer of knowledge and ongoing training
  • State of the industry production and manufacturing technology
  • Lean manufacturing program
  • Permanent orientation towards the highest de facto standards and best practice methods
Effective organizational structure

To us, effectiveness means more than just evaluation of process data. We define effectiveness as a combination of customer satisfaction and process efficiency. As a result we have a deep conviction of the influence of human factors:

  • Motivated employees and communication skills
  • Direct communication between our customers and our project managers, without runaround
  • Direct communication between our project managers and our employees

“Would our customers miss us if we weren’t there any more?” That is the question that sparks our ambition and makes us a little bit better every day.

We go beyond what is expected by following an ideology that can be best described as “Service Excellence.” The most important aspects of this ideology are:

  • Responsibility for excellence on the part of the management
  • Training/professional development focused on excellence in service
  • Lean Six Sigma for process improvement
  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • Continuous training of all employees
  • A working environment in which our employees reflect on themselves
  • Informal and formal means for suggesting process improvements and ways to simplify unnecessary complexities
Mike Danzi – Chief Executive Officer

Mike Danzi

Chief Executive Officer

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